by JordanB

These three maxims are a distillation of many things that I have been experiencing and learning over the past several weeks.

1. Trusting in vulnerability may be the only way we will survive. I believe this is the alternative that authentic religion can offer the world. Creating space for vulnerability is not easy, but it is only not easy in the way that surrendering is not easy, or falling backwards into someone’s arms is not easy. Vulnerability is our natural movement; we resist this movement, however, out of the quite natural fear of being an unprotected body moving through space.

2. The spiritual life is bowl-shaped. If we pray “give us today our daily bread,” we must ourselves be vessels that can hold this daily bread – no bigger, and no smaller. We receive everything we need for the moment, then dump it out and start again.

3. Do not be afraid of any truth, no matter how small or how big. Whoever we are, there are certain realities that we do not want to face. So we just need to find in our life those sources of courage that will enable us to face them.