by JordanB

“Halt, halt, and be aware.”

Who is speaking? The anxious mind says ‘halt and be aware.’ This is also what the Christ mind says. The difference is that the anxious mind fears death, but the Christ mind welcomes it. The anxious mind wants to run away from non-being to find safety somewhere, but the Christ mind brings light into darkness.

The anxious mind is a closed fist. It wants to clutch. It wants to zero in, quickly. It filters and clears out everything but sign of threat.

The Christ mind is an open palm. It listens for a sound of delight, expectantly if not patiently. Hush! The footsteps of my beloved approach. Who knows where they will appear?–in a raindrop, in a cricket, in a train whistle?

“Attend!” says the priest. “Wisdom!”

The eyes are the lamp of the soul. When we encounter darkness, we do not need to run. If we choose to we can let the light of our soul illumine that darkness.