by JordanB

I have, I will admit, a very superficial understanding of both Zen Buddhism and Christianity. I also have a tendency to make drastic, sweeping statements. Nonetheless:

I have learned from Zen to renounce self and illusion*, and in that way to accept all things. I have learned from Christianity to love and accept all things**, and in that way to renounce the self. Zen has taught me of the void and the holy nothingness; Christianity has taught me of the absolute and the divine fullness. I am tugged in both directions. I love the aesthetic of Zen, and the vocation of Christ. I want to be silent and I want to say a lot.

But like I said I am very unwise about these things, so do not listen to me.


*I don’t mean that I HAVE, just that I can cogitate on the path.
**ditto. I’m really bad at love and acceptance.