A catalogue of gifts

by JordanB

Looking around my room:

One black flask, small, with the emblem of the Soviet state on the front and a picture of V.I. Lenin on the cap. Bought in China by a friend.

One black flask, large, with my initials engraved on the front. From my brother.

One ikon. Elijah being fed in the desert by a raven. Given to me and blessed by Fr. Tim on my last day as a chaplain at Lehigh Valley Health Network.

One purple tapestry. Brought to me by my high-school girlfriend’s mother on her trip to Thailand.

One polyurethane contact juggling ball. Given to me by a former room-mate.

One pen, wood. Made for me by my mother’s friend.

Biking accessories: helmet, two pairs of clothes, three shirts, etc. Passed down by my brother-in-law.

A yellow “The Who’s Tommy” shirt. Originally my aunt’s, then given to my brother, then to me when I was in sixth grade.

Three fedoras. Gray one a birthday present from my mother. Black one a present from a friend. Blue one a present from my mother.