The body in the soul.

by JordanB

I have always some degree of difficult in the notion of the “soul.” It is a difficulty bound up in a larger difficulty, which is that I have a hard time believing in something that I can not imagine a picture of, however vague that picture of. The picture that my mind always conjured up was of some little ball of light encapsulated within the fleshly body. I suppose if I were able to remember that this is only a metaphor and not ACTUALLY what the soul is supposed to look like I would have been able to keep that image.

What has helped me lately, however, is to consider it the other way around… it is not the soul which is held within the body (as though trapped), but it is the body which is held within the soul. This helps me to remember that our spiritual being is simply another conceptual level by which we think about the self.

I’m reminded that all exterior forms, images, signs, speech… all of these things are only helpers in our journey toward full awareness.