If we get enough It we can build a reasonable facsimile of a Thou

by JordanB

I’m reading Martin Buber’s essay/poem “I and Thou,” and, I gotta say, it’s rocking my world pretty hard and pretty good! I tried to read it a while ago, but I don’t think I had the right set of mind. Since then I’ve just kind of relied on little blurbish summaries, and satisfied myself with the gist. But man, he is exactly what we need right now! I thought it was just going to be about our relationships with one another, but it’s really about our relationship with reality. It calls forth a response that is both somber and joyful. There’s a number of arresting passages that I could pull out, but suffice to say that all of our intelligences, self-help programs, and machinations will be no replacement for the eternal present which is the ground on which we stand and the air which we breathe.