Thoughts from my journal

by JordanB

When I sin, is it really anyone’s concern but mine?

If I have retreated to my own interior kingdom, then I only lay my own interior kingdom to waste. That was what the prodigal son thought: “It is my money; I can do with it as I like.” So I think: “It is my soul, I can do with it as I like.” Awareness of my soul does it thereby confer to me ownership of my soul; rather, the soul must be given as an inheritance is given. Although it is my right from birth, I must wait to be given it, and in the meantime prepare myself as one who receives. The presence of God rests in me, and I destroy it when I destroy my own soul. To return, or to allow myself to be brought back, is a restoration of the universe, insofar as the presence of God is in me. The restoration is not complete until all things return – animals, plants, people, asteroids, hydrogen atoms. As all creation groans, all creation also sings a hymn of praise.