Sacred fire

by JordanB

The sacredness of the world must be kept alive as one keeps a flame alive to stay warm. We must tend to those fires of sacredness which are kindled by the manifold presence of being in the world. The whole world is ablaze with the fire of sacred being. All these things–trees, birds, towers, clouds, oceans, people, continents–shine forth “like shook foil.”

But then we crash back into life and see that it is all so dreary and ordinary. It is precisely here, in the dreariness, that we must learn to see the presence of God. Not to leave the dreariness, but even within to say “yes, it is meaningful;” to still be able to bow; to be taken hold of; to be addressed; to address, not as ‘It’ but as ‘Thou;’ to be in right relation, brother of the earth. Not in holy feelings, but in conduct and motion. To yet affirm it as good. This is the one single proclamation which began with creation and culminated in incarnation: “it is good.” What else is there to do, but to bless creation? All of life might very well be a matter of blessing: “it is very good.”