It is good

by JordanB

When God had finished the work of creation, he uttered the benediction “It is good.” These resounding words are echoed each and every time a creature participates in life, in its own particular manner of being. As trees stretch toward the sun, as bacteria divide and divide again, as photons stream through the vacuum of space, as squirrels build nests and prepare for the winter, all bear in themselves the benediction “it is good.”

We humans alone can perceive that that goodness is precarious. We often fail to see the goodness. The benediction that other creatures can speak with such ease in their mere existence, we ourselves often doubt. And for good reason. There is sorrow in the world.

For those who have seen sorrow, is it possible to recover that simple statement of faith: it is good? Is it possible to say it authentically? We have to learn again to delight in our being, taking our place among all other creatures in the pantheon of existence. I think this means we will have to accept our existence as a gift.

wide soaring circles
through a cloud-whitened morning
the flock of gray gulls